SEO versus Adwords

Type “Weight Loss” into a search engine.  What do you see?  No doubt, a page of natural results surrounded by paid adverts.  Do you tend to click on these paid links?  Or are you more interested in the ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ indexed results?

Unfortunately for the businesses that pay for these Google adwords, people have built up an immunity to them.  They know that by clicking on them they will be presented with a sales page.  And this can be a turn-off.  Generally, people are looking for information – not for something to buy.

Most searchers open the first three natural results (because those tend to be the ones they see when the search results page opens) and move down the list if they do not find what they’re looking for in the first three.

If this does not provide the information they’re looking for, the majority of searchers will then look at an advert.  There is a minority that will scroll to the second results page (showing natural results 11-20) before succumbing to the adverts.

To get your webpage on this search results page, you have two options.  The first option is to buy advertising.  But this can be expensive – particularly if you want your advert featured in the number one spot at the top left-hand corner.

For example, according to the Google Traffic Estimator, every click on a particular advert with the term “weight loss” is going to cost is between £1.45 and £2.12.  With 3000 daily clicks and low conversion, this could be an excessively expensive campaign.

The second and far more preferable option is to do whatever is necessary to get your web page ranked in the top five natural search results.  This is where SEO comes in.   The traffic coming to a top-four naturally ranked website could be phenomenal!

According to the free Word Tracker keyword research tool, there are approximately 20,500 search daily (using a term containing the phrase “weight loss”) for weight and diet related information.  If your page was to be featured amongst the top two or three natural search results on the’ weight loss’ page, a significant proportion would click to your site.

And as long as your site did its job when they visited, it would give a significant boost to your business